Our soap collection provides you with the needed properties to protect and nourish your skin.  We do this by following a cold process to ensures all nutrients are  maintained.

Unlike commercial soaps  our bars are pure, containing a combination of natural fats and lye. During this mixing process the lye is neutralized and creates soap. However,  most  commercial bars are made with a cold process that strips the soap of its natural oils & glycerine. Without glycerine these commercial soaps act like a detergent and are more suitable for surface cleaning than your skin.  The common myth that “soap is bad for your face” ends here with Naturally Culturred’s Luxury and Craft Collection. While its true most commercial soap will dry out your face, our bars do the opposite.   Our artisan bars help nourish and aid in your skins daily healing process.

Why our Soaps

We pride ourselves on the fact that we make natural soaps fun while ensuring they’re scented safely. There is no need to load our bars with high amounts of fragrance that in such doses can become irritating to skin. Instead we strive to provide you with a collection where bars are scented with fragrance in minimal amounts (no more than 1-2% of all ingredients). At times, we also use essential oils as fragrance replacements. 

Start shopping from our collection today and provide your “Quality Skin, With The Quality Soap it Deserves” 

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